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VTT (Valtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus) Technical Research Centre of Finland is a state owned research organization that employs about 2700 people. VTT is a forerunner of technology in Finland, with major units in diverse areas such as biotechnology, material science, process technology, electronics and ICT. VTT is especially strong in plant material processing, enzymology of both hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes and fermentation food processing and in evaluating factors related to food choice.

The food research at VTT aims at developing technology and expertise for innovative use of raw materials in foods for well being. The specific targets are to:
1) develop innovative bioprocessing technologies (use of enzymes and starter cultures),
2) engineer of food structure
3) modify physiological functionality,
4) improve and commercialize of food technologies.

VTT is leading 5 tasks within CHANCE:

T1.2 ‘Understanding barriers to healthy dietary habits and exploration of effective ways to overcome unhealthy nutrition with consumers’,
T2.4 ‘Understanding barriers to healthy eating habits and develop strategies to overcome these’,
T4.1 ‘Selection and development of low cost ingredients and rawmaterials for the design of low cost foods’,
T5.1 ‘Cost optimization & production design’,
T6.1 ‘Test production of novel ingredients and their incorporation in existing processes’.