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Valio Ltd (Helsinki, Finland) is the biggest dairy company in Finland. Valio R&D is the research organisation of Valio Ltd (staff 4200) with staff of 139 and a turnover of 19 M€. Valio R&D is one of the largest research institutes of food industry in Finland and has been at the forefront of European research into the research and development of value-added and functional foods. Valio R&D has ample experience in dialogues with scientific world, medical doctors and consumers and consumer organizations. The mission of Valio Ltd is generating quality, pleasure and added value for consumers, success for committed partners, and thereby promoting the business of Valio milk producers. Valio applies robust research principles and practices ethical science to promote health and well-being through innovative product development. Valio Ltd. Has also an own production plant for berry products (Nordic Jam). Excellent facilities for research and development, necessary equipment and knowledge are available.

VALIO will lead the evaluation of production feasibility and be involved in the cost optimization & production design.