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The University of Leeds is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK and a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities. The 2008 Research Assessment Exercise confirmed the University as one of the top ten research institutions with departments undertaking research of national and international excellence. These demonstrate and ensure that the University is able to provide a service which meets the needs of all stakeholders whilst conforming with all applicable legal and statutory requirements. Audits are undertaken annually to monitor compliance with these policies and procedures.

The School of Food Science and Nutrition at UL has strong research expertise and collaborates with leading organisations in nationally-, European- and industry- funded projects, including EuroFIR, the world–leading EU NoE on Food Composition Databank systems. The School has high quality staff and sophisticated, state-of-the-art facilities to support its research programme. In particular, it has modern standardised food technology laboratory and photographic studio maintained by skilled technical experts.

The University of Leeds is leading 3 tasks in WP2, converting nutritional data into targets for new foods:
T2.1 'Critical assessment of available information on the main nutritional criticalities in the selected groups at-risk-of-poverty'
T2.2. 'Collection and evaluation of new dietary intake information on eating habits, nutritional criticalities, self reported nutritional state and well-being'
T2.3 'Definition of foods to correct malnutrition and over nutrition problems in at-risk of-poverty groups'

The University will also participate with 12 other tasks, providing scientific and technical information, and supporting dissemination activities.