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University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Life Sciences is one of Europe's leading university environments in the areas of veterinary medicine, food, health, plants, biotechnology, natural resources, the environment and related academic areas.

The Faculty of Life Sciences is task leader for T3.1 (Standardization of the pre-analytical and instrumental procedures) and T3.3 (Multivariate statistical analysis), in the research of 'nutri-metabonomics to assess the metabolic consequences of critical diets for individuals at ROP (Risk Of Poverty)'.

The Faculty of Life Sciences consists of eleven departments. Each department is responsible for the Faculty's education and research in specific academic areas.

The Department of Food Science (IFV) at the Faculty of Life Sciences performs research and offers university education programs within food science and technology. The research is primary related to food quality and safety. At IFV the traditional disciplines within food science are combined with new research areas such as nanotechnology, chemometrics and biotechnology. The research is world leading in numerous areas such as chemometrics and food chemistry and we aim to maintain and strengthen this position.

The Department of Human Nutrition (IHE) at the Faculty of Life Sciences conducts research and education at a high international level within the area of human nutrition. Research areas cover everything from prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, appetite regulation, obesity, pediatric nutrition and growth, and micronutrients, to methods for measuring nutritional status and social science research in food and dietary habits.