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CHANCE Research

Successful development of attractive and affordable food products addressing specific nutrition problems in people at risk of poverty requires solid evidence to build on. This is accounted for in the organisation of the CHANCE research activities.

In the initial phase the necessary evidence base is constructed. The population groups at greatest risk of poverty in Europe will be identified. By analysing food intake data, weight, height and other body measurements as well as bio-markers collected from volunteers from these groups their specific nutrition-related issues and needs will be clarified. Perceptions of barriers and facilitators to a healthful diet will also be looked into before the processing of developing food products will start.  All this will be considered in the selection of ingredients, formulation of  the CHANCE foods and design of packaging. 

CHANCE ingredients and food products will be evaluated in order to meet consumer expectations and production requirements. 

The research activities are divided in the following work packages:

Project coordination

University of Bologna

The CHANCE research is coordinated by Prof. Francesco Capozzi, Prof. Alessandra Bordoni and their team at the University of Bologna, Italy.

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