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Methods for food production and packaging

For the development of nutritious, affordable and attractive food products and meals for at risk of poverty population groups CHANCE will – based on the findings from the project so far – select the low-cost ingredients and materials to be used. Safety and quality assessment will be conducted of selected ingredients and final products and packaging will be designed and evaluated.

  • Task 4.1: Selection and development of low cost ingredients and raw-materials for the design of low cost foods (Task leader: VTT)
  • Task 4.2: Design of low cost foods and meals (Task leader: FINS)
  • Task 4.3: Quality assessment of ingredients and final products (Task leader: UNIBO)
  • Task 4.4: Packaging design and evaluation (Task leader: UNIBO)

Podcast: Listen to work package leader Anamarija Mandic from the Institute for Food Technology Novi Sad explain more about this part of the project.

About Anamarija Mandic

Anamarija Mandic, PhD, is experienced in the field of natural antioxidants, formulation and design of tailor made foods. She has over ten years’ experience in chromatographic techniques used for elucidation of small molecules present in food.