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LIPOTI – Proteus Gold KFT

The Péter Tóth has been running his own business since 1988. He was born in the small Hungarian village of Lipót and also began his career there. The bakery was opened in 1992, initially serving 15 or 20 convenience stores in and around the village of Lipót. Having continuously increased capacity and employee numbers, Mr. Tóth came to a crossroads in 2004: Multinational Supermarket chains were increasingly strangling small stores and it appeared impossible to remain a long-term supplier to these multinational companies. As a result, Péter Tóth opened three own-branded bakeries in Györ in 2006. By spring 2007, the Lipóti Pékség chain had expanded to 25 bakeries in Györ-Moson-Sopron County.

In 2007 the company started a 3 years long property purchase process over Tatabánya Bakery Ltd., and in 2009 the ownership has been reached the 51%. With this step the workforce increased up to 260, with an additional 350 employed as sub-contractors. This new bakery is located very close to the Capital and logistically and capacity-wise opened a new region and possibilities for further development.100th bakery opened in summer 2010, extending the chain’s reach to 31 cities in the country and in Slovakia. In the capital alone operates 53 stores. The network of outlets is being developed further, both in terms of numbers and products on offer. Expansion in Slovakia has been underway for 18th months and includes a 750 m2 factory to supply growing demand in the region.
This is a bakery company in Hungary, having 5 places where baking bread and 82 franchise shops with under our flagship where we sell the products. More than 100 different goods in a daily delivery chain. 350 employees work in the company which has a lean organization and a family ownership. The company is 9 years old and the franchise chain covers the north-west side of the country and the capital Budapest. Past cooperation in 2009 with Hungarian projects where the company carried on some baking test with different raw materials, the aim is the most healthy final goods production.

LIPOTI will be responsible for the bakery industrial applications of the methods developed during the RTD.