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The Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science was created on 1 January 2007 by merging two existing units: the Department of Biochemistry and Food Technology (est. 1921) and the Department of Agrochemical Technology (est. 1908). The new Department focused its research activities on developing industrial and ecological biotechnology procedures, profiling cereal proteins and vegetable proteins in general in terms of composition and functionality, exploration of alternative uses for such proteins, as well as improving food and non-food tests and analytical methodologies, especially in the field of quick tests. Main research areas are cereal chemistry; fermentation; spectroscopy. The academic community of the department was involved in several earlier domestic and nternational research consortia as a leader (PHARE, NKFP-1) or a participant (OMFB, AKF, GAK, NKFP-2, EU-4, EU-5, EU-6 and EU-7 framework projects).

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is task leader of T6.3 and will carry out food analysis and ingredients analysis.